We use a variety of good quality silver  jewellery & findings, and also our own handsmithed silver design's & castings, all this goes to make up a range of Jet Jewellery that has been brought together over the past 20 years...
He takes great pride in being one of only a handful of people left working locally gathered Whitby jet in the area, while also upholding an old family tradition, his Great Grandfather
Henry Simpson was also a Jet jewellery maker and is recorded in a census of Whitby jet workers in 1899.

It must be in the blood !   
Born & bred in Whitby North Yorkshire Derek Simpson started to make jewellery about twenty five years ago, and though it seems second nature now it took a good many years and alot of  patience to learn his craft & become competent at working with jet, rediscovering old techniques and making one or two new ones on the way.

We have a small well equipped local workshop from where we make a range of unique Whitby jet jewellery.
Handmade jet jewellery from locally gathered genuine Whitby jet
Silver and Jet
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